Optishower as a three finalist of Marriott TestBed program

Optishower was shortlisted among around 200 start-ups from 20 countries for Marriott TestBed program.

More importantly, we have been selected as three finalist for the TestBed 2017 program. We have an amazing chance to pilot our technology in Marriott Amsterdam for the next few months. This is very privileged program and we would like to invite you to come and stay in Marriott Amsterdam to test our product.

Marriott TestBed acceleration program aims to fast-track start-ups that change the entire hotel guest experience. We offer to the guests a new in-room experience where you will be connected to your room’s consumption. It means that we will reward you based on your water end electricity consumption in the room. If you are willing to care about environment, we will care about you and give you amazing rewards in the hotel.


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